3 Power Generators and HV Motors


3.1 Design and Machines Engineering


  • Design / Redesign of all electrical machines, cores, retaining rings support, blocking and insulation
  • Excitation and Voltage regulation system design and supply
  • Protection System Design
  • Winding and Insulation specialist
  • Providing Solution to inherited OEM design issues Turnkey plant overhaul


3.2 Diagnostic and Test Services

  • Commissioning, Risk assessment and Root Cause of failure analysis
  • On-line and off-line conditioning Monitoring
  • Protection System trouble shooting and recalibration
  • Robotic Inspection
  • In-Situ balancing and re-alignment
  • Motors, Generators and Gear Box load testing


3.3 Refurbishment and Repair


  • Modification, Repair and Refurbishment including up-rating for all electrical rotating equipments from any OEM in the range of 500kw to 600MW
  • Site based service / repair including project management, new machines installation & commissioning, routine maintenance activities, Major overhaul, site based refurbishment, on site machining of rotor and cryogenic contamination of Stator,
  • Long Term Service Agreement


3.4 Spares Supply

Supply of spares and replacement parts for GE heavy Industrial Gas Turbines: We offer variety of material support system including:

  • Major capital parts like rotors, stators, Armatures and Field frames
  • Reverse Engineered components or redesign components such as retaining rings, slip rings, rotor and stator wedges, commutators, field & Armatures for DC machines, stators and coils bars
  • Complete range of certified Terminal Boxes including phase segregated and phase insulated.Components Exchange



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